Trigger Point Massage in Houston, TX

A trigger point is a spasm within a muscle that can cause pain elsewhere in the body. For example, a point in the back may trigger referred pain in the neck. The neck may then cause pain in the head. The pain can range from a dull throb to sharp intense bursts of pain radiating through the spine.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy in Houston, TX

Trigger point massage therapies are implemented to relax the source of the spasm through cycles of pressure and release. The client assists with deep breathing techniques, as coached by the therapist and by letting the therapist know what triggers are occurring elsewhere during the session. Trigger point massage therapy requires feedback and is not going to be a quiet spa massage.

We at Kinetic Massage Works, Houston, TX use several techniques during any one session. All our sessions are individually tailored to match your needs at that time. I don't think any of us have ever done the same massage twice! There are no routines--we use the best possible technique to help you at that time. 

Contact us now to eliminate body pain with our therapeutic Massage Services in Houston, TX.

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Trigger Point Massage Therapy in Houston

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