Pain Relief Massage Therapy in Houston, TX

Being in constant pain can alter the course of your life. We cannot function either physically or mentally when in pain. At our massage clinic in Houston, TX we treat the source of the pain rather than the symptoms. Where you feel the pain is not always the origin of the issue--for example, a tension headache can be caused by muscles in spasm in the throat area. We have been trained to trace the source and treat it holistically. There are many modalities we can use such as trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, heat, and stretching to go to the root of the issue and restore balance to your body and your life. We design each pain relief massage therapy session as a stand alone session, tailored to match your needs at that time.

Our team at Kinetic Massage Clinic is always there to provide you pain relief massage therapy in Houston.

Our Reviews

"The best sciatic pain relief message. No doctor needed just my massage. Thank you Micaela for knowing your stuff. "
Alice P

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