Tennis and Golfers’s Elbow Massage in Houston, TX

These are two separate injuries, usually from a repetitive motion--obviously golf and tennis being two of them--but these injuries have become more common with the increasing amount of time we spend on computers. The underlying cause is generally a binding fascia issue. We have fascia everywhere on our bodies, lying between the muscles and the skin. It's a dense connective tissue made from the same material as tendons and ligaments. When it is overused it becomes scarred and tight. Think of fascia in its healthy state as clear plastic wrap, and in its unhealthy, tired, and scarred state as bubble wrap. When it gets to that point it now constricts the muscles and inhibits free movement, thus also pressing those muscles against the nerves and causing numbness and pain. Deep tissue work and myofascial release work are extremely effective in alleviating this.

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Our Reviews

"I've had a few sessions with Michaela now - she is the best massage therapist I've ever experienced. I'm not really into the gentle rub massage, which is part of why Michaela rocks my world. She really digs in, and she knows her stuff! She's done amazing work on my shoulders, hips and my calves, dealing with some long-term issues I've had. More than worth what she charges. Rave review here!"
Jim J - Houston