Sports Massage 

Sports massage therapy is for athletes of all types, from world class professionals to casual participants. Sports massage techniques are geared to the individual’s sport, focusing on areas that are used and repeatedly stressed from repetitious and sometimes aggressive movements.

At Kinetic Massage Works we have worked on NBA, NFL and NHL players, IronMen, (and IronWomen!) professional bodybuilders, MMA fighters, ultra-marathoners, SWAT teams, Special Team/Rescue Firefighters, and everyone in between! We love a challenge and will work on conditions and issues many therapists won’t and can’t help.

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is gaining popularity as a useful component in a training regimen. This massage therapy can be used as a means to enhance event preparation and reduce recovery time. Athletes have found that deep tissue sports massage promotes flexibility, helps prevent injuries and prepares them physically and emotionally for optimal performance, reduces fatigue, and improves endurance.

One of the key benefits of Sports massage therapy compare with other modalities is its ability to target muscle-tendon junctions. A 2010 study in the journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that even short massage session improves hip flexor mobility. A study by Margaret Jones, Ph.D. of the American College of Sports Medicine showed a discernable difference in decrease of muscle soreness in the athletes who had a massage session before or after exercise.

For anyone participating in physical activity, from the professional to the-plays-for-fun weekend athlete, sports massage can be a great addition to your normal regimen. Contact us for the best sports massage in Houston.

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Our Reviews

"Kinetic Massage Works is out of this world! The facility is superb and the massage therapists there really know how to take great care of you. I’ve had multiple massages from massage therapists and they have helped decrease my pains or give me a great relaxing massage when needed. Both of them previously worked for me at Cesak Chiropractic Family Wellness Center before venturing out on their own and opening up Kinetic Massage Works. They are not only excellent at “regular” Swedish/Soothing massages but also have an in depth knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions and how to treat many muscular conditions. They helped hundreds of my patients get the help they needed by treating their muscle spasms to get our patients back to doing the things they loved to do, like play tennis or golf or just be able to pick up their kids again. If you are looking for great relaxing or therapeutic massages, THIS IS THE PLACE."

Dr Brian Cesak - Cesak Family Chiropractic

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