Frozen Shoulder Massage in Houston, TX

Frozen shoulder is an inflammation in the shoulder joint and surrounding musculature. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint with ligaments that hold the bones of the shoulder together. When the joint capsule is inflamed, the shoulder may become stiff and painful and hard to move.This condition can be immobilizing and cause great pain and distress to clients. Clients with frozen shoulder may experience constant pain and this discomfort may be increased movement, cold weather, or additional trauma. The pain can radiate from the shoulder to the neck and back as well. Trigger point therapy along with some deep tissue massage can, over the course of a few sessions, along with the client maintaining a stretching regimen with heat applications at home, relieve much of the pain. Often clients have partial relief in their shoulders after one session of massage therapy and in subsequent sessions obtain full relief.

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Our Reviews

"I had some long standing issues that I couldn't ignore any longer. My back would spasm, my shoulders were stiff and my plantar fasciitis was making me miserable. I've been coming here for two months and these issues are greatly improved! I sat in a car for 3 hours a week ago and it was fine, I didn't hurt, my back didn't spasm! My shoulders were much happier and I can get up in the morning without any PF pain. It is worth every single penny!!"

Lauren W