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Jennifer W

Guess who ran 26.2 miles in Steamboat Springs, Colorado today with ZERO foot pain!!  So glad our paths crossed!  Thank you so much!!  Couldn't have done it without you, and your evil little foot scraper!

Dorothy S

I have had planters fasciitis for about two years; it was so bad that I had a pair of crutches by the bed so that I could get up in the morning. I went to a doctor and they diagnosed me with this issue, made me wear a night splint, boot, nothing helped at all. A few days ago I read one of the reviews about Micaela at Kinetic Massage Works, and how they helped someone with their planters fasciitis, and at that point I was in so much pain all day that I decided to do anything and everything to cure it. So yesterday at 6:30pm I went in, she gave me a body massage (which was fantastic!) and dealt with my feet. I can't lie, when the therapist was working on my feet it hurt, but I woke up this morning and I actually walked with NO pain in my feet!!!!!! I couldn't believe I had been living with crutches, boots and night splints for two years! Thank you Kinetic Massage Works!!!!

Lorene C

"Oh my goodness. The massages are the best I have ever had in Houston. This is the first female massage therapist whom I will return to. I am not easy to work on for I need extremely deep tissue/trigger point massages and she definitely delivered. I have been known to make a grown man sweat after my sessions in the past. It is not the kind of massage where you fall asleep which is good because if I fall asleep, during a massage, I will not be going back. I will definitely schedule a 3rd one with her. If you want the pain to ease or go away, go to her. She definitely knows what she is doing."

Rob O Houston

"Simply said the massage therapists at Kinetic Massage Works are an answer to prayers for anybody having any type of muscular pain, discomfort, injury, scar tissue, fascia or any other type of problems. I've had every type of injury and scar tissue from feet, sciatica, slipped discs, herniated discs, shoulder problems, ripped pecks, etc. etc. etc, a list as long as my arm! And I've lived on pain medicine and muscle relaxers and I've had adjustments and massages from multiple places and never had any type of relief UNTIL my friend recommended me to her, and that's when she turned it all around for me. If u can endure a little discomfort from deep tissue therapy then Micaela can definitely bring you relief. Trust in her process and knowledge and she will have you on the road to recovery and relief after just a few sessions! Very sweet and amazingly smart individual and worth every penny and then some! Tip well and highly recommend her to anyone you know looking for pain or injury relief!!!"

Jim J Houston

"I've had a few sessions with the one of the best massage therapists I've ever experienced. I'm not really into the gentle rub massage, which is part of why Micaela rocks my world. She really digs in, and she knows her stuff! She's done amazing work on my shoulders, hips and my calves, dealing with some long-term issues I've had. More than worth what she charges. Rave review here!"

Cody E

"I had been having trouble with my feet and had been to a podiatrist, who is supposed to be a specialist dealing with conditions of the feet.The podiatrist diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and told me I needed to be fit with orthotics. Based on his "expert opinion", I believed what he said and spent the nearly $400 to have the orthotics cast. This also required 3 visits to his office to get all of this done. After receiving and wearing the orthotics for several months, the issue had not resigned. At this point, I happened to find Micaela, the owner of this facility. I told her I had been having problems with my feet and told her the diagnosis I was given, by the podiatrist. She said, "I can fix that in about 5 minutes." I said "Really?" She replied "Yes!" Honestly, not really believing her, at the time, I let her work on my feet anyway. I'm not going to lie, there was some discomfort involved, as she had to break the fascia up from being in a bundle, but after a few days my feet were feeling as if they'd never been hurting before. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of her work now. I've also been seeing Micaela for other sports injury related issues as well, as I know I can trust her to get down to the root of the problem and get me back up to playing with little to no down-time."

Jacie E

"Got the best massage ever that helped with my tension headache. I was in so much pain but now I feel so much better. Micaela is so knowledgeable and professional. Thankful my cousin referred me."

Alice P

"The best sciatic pain releif message. No doctor needed just my massage. Thank you Micaela for knowing your stuff. "

Stephanie G

"Very professional, she listened to my concerns, and has incredible power! If your looking to heal, Micaela will take care of you! Best experience I've had!"

T Ro

"The heavens opened and I got a last minute appointment. Thank you to whoever cancelled. I was in such pain when I arrived. After an hour, Micaela has me back to feeling better. She truly is God sent and amazing. I will never go anywhere else."

Lauren W

"She worked on my plantar fasciitis and it was amazing! I've had chronic back pain and that has eased up as well. She's awesome and you should make your appointment asap!"

Michael D

"This place is top notch! The massage therapists at Kinetic Massage Works are a miracle workers! She had worked on me elsewhere previously when I was in an automobile accident, so I had to check her out here! It's a bit of a drive for me but so worth it! She is a tried and true professional who listens to what her clients want/need and makes sure to deliver for them!"

Brent E

"The massage therapists at Kinetic Massage Works are great. I can't believe so much power comes from such a small package! Micaela knows her stuff. I went in after an injury and she helped me get back into the gym much sooner than I anticipated. Thanks!"

Clark S

"As a professional fitness trainer I've seen many therapists for almost any sports issues you can think of.  The therapists at Kinetic Massage Works are by far the most knowledgeable, experienced and professional."

Lynn L

"I have had numerous massages at different places. None even come close to a comparison with the Micaela at Kinetic Massage Works. She is exceptional. Her knowledge and expertise are incredible. She listens to everything said and uses her knowledge and expertise to make a difference."

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